Can a Vegan review a Steak House? And other Unobvious Questions

Below is a list of questions that I often ask myself or wish I had asked others. The questions use “I” or “You” depending on which sounds best to my inner ear. I could ask all these questions of myself (and have) and could ask all these questions of you (and am).

  1. How does what I want to be the case impact my ability to accept what is the case?
  2. How does one communicate something that is in between either/or and both/and?
  3. How can I respect a person I cannot critique or critique a person I cannot respect? (Subquestion: Can a vegan review a steak house?)
  4. How do you deal with conversations that are uncomfortable and which conversations make you uncomfortable?
  5. What is the difference between meaning and purpose? 
  6. How important is righteous indignation and would I give it up if that is what it took to change things? 
  7. What does justice require that wisdom does not and what does wisdom require that justice does not?
  8. How would making the world a better place cause me to be less significant than I am today?
  9. How do you feel about whatever goals you think the human race ought to set?
  10. What must each party give up in order to be in relationship?
  11. When is a person only an avatar for his or her culture and when is a person a unique individual and how do you know when to regard that person as one or the other?
  12. What if the thing I am right about is irrelevant, impractical, or harmful?
  13. In what situations would I prefer death to change?
  14. For what cause would you defy God; and what if that is exactly what God wants you to do? (Subquestion 1: If that is what God wants you to do, how would God communicate that to you? Subquestion 2: What if salvation depends on God seeing who is courageous enough to defy divinity?)
  15. What is the most valuable thing in your past that you would be willing to never mention again?
  16. When we limit people by saying that their culture defines them, how do we account for those few in every culture who transcend their cultures? (Subquestion 1: how do we promote transcendence while valuing cultural differences? Subquestion 2: How do we distinguish mistakes from wrongness?)
  17. What is the difference between education and training?
  18. How could the truth I hold most dear be proven wrong in a way that I would accept the disproof?
  19. How do I disqualify people?
  20. How do our dreams reveal our limitations and is this one reason we are afraid of sharing our dreams?

John Tucker is a thinker dedicated to promoting progressive values even as he is critical of some progressive assumptions.

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  1. great questions, looking forward to the book

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