Lovers Love

People who do not love do not know that they do not love and won’t recognize love when it is presented to them. Lovers can recognize non-loving because non-lovers do not love the things lovers love or do not love them in the way that lovers love them. Non-lovers only love things that love them back. They love their nation because they think it is their nation. They love their family and friends because they are their family and friends. They do not love yours unless yours also love them. Lovers, on the other hand, love things that may not love them in return. They love justice though justice might cost them. They love generosity though it my empty their pockets. Non-lovers thinking loving is stupid so they hate it. They hate things that do not love them in return. They hate justice if it costs them. They hate generosity if it empties their pockets. Non-lovers love their freedom but only because it is theirs, not because it is yours. If it were only yours, non-lovers would hate it.

When non-lovers confuse real love for hate they are guilty of what the New Testament calls the “Unpardonable Sin” which is the confusion between good and evil(Matthew 12:22-32, Mark 3:32-30). Another way of seeing this is to say that the Unpardonable Sin is the sin of not loving the right thing for the right reason or loving the wrong thing for the wrong reason. It is like taking one’s ball and going home because one love’s control more than the other players in the game. It is like quitting when one does not get one’s way or loving only what loves one back. The opposite of the Unpardonable Sin is the Greatest Commandment, which is love, even when love is not returned (Mark 12:28-34, Luke 6:32-35).

Lovers can give non-lovers love but non-lovers may not receive it as love. They may see it as weakness or hate. Why some people love and others do not gets us into debates about determinism or predestination. Just as some have “ears to hear” and some do not, it appears that some have “hearts to love” and some do not. Who knows the recipe for getting non-lovers to love? I expect it does involve some degree of helping non-thinkers think, which is why the previous post about thinking thoughts is more important than this one.

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